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How You Can Help Your Child Develop Speech and Occupational Skills at Home

As your child begins to work with their speech or occupational therapist, you may find yourself wondering how you can support your child’s development at home. Fortunately, your therapist can help you find various ways to develop your child’s occupational and speech skills outside of therapy sessions.

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Developing Speech and Occupational Skills at Home

There are severely ways you build upon what they are learning during therapy, including:

1. Interact With Your Child: Engage & Explain

Following a routine is important. Even more important is to actively interact with your child by engaging during routine and learning activities, while also making sure to explain each activity.

2. Observe Your Child

Some children with special needs perceive sensory input in different ways and may be unable to verbalize discomfort. Remember that all behavior is communication.  Always keep a lookout for these differences and think about what the child’s behavior is communicating to you.

3. Use Common Sense 

Put safety first and arrange the home environment or any place for learning/engaging for physical and emotional comfort.

4. Use Tactile, Auditory, Or Visual Cues With Your Child

Having the right cues in an environment can mean the difference between participation and non-participation for many children with special needs. Tactile cues like gently touching a person’s shoulder, offering a blanket or other soft fabric, or providing silly putty are easy ways to mark a transition and get a person’s attention. Using color or auditory cues can also help reinforce lessons.

5. Stay Positive, Every Situation Is A Learning Opportunity

A positive attitude is imperative for anyone who works with children with special needs. There will always be ups and downs throughout any learning process, but having the right attitude can make all the difference. Turn struggles into lessons, and bring light to every activity through your positivity.

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