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How a Preschool Readiness Program Prepares Your Child for Kindergarten

Here at Speech Source Therapy, our Little Learners Early Intervention Program (LLEIP) is a preschool readiness program specifically designed for your child. Preschool readiness (which can also be called kindergarten readiness) refers to a child’s readiness to make a smooth and successful transition and integration into the preschool environment and its routines and expectation.

preschool readiness

What to Expect with Our Preschool Readiness Program

LLEIP is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary center-based group program designed for children between the ages of 18 and 36 months who are demonstrating overall developmental delays and/or disabilities in the areas of speech and language, social/ cognitive development, self-help, motor development, feeding and play skills.

Our program is geared toward children who are at risk or demonstrate global developmental delays or have a diagnosis of Down Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The Little Learners Early Intervention Program uses all of the below strategies to help children learn.

  • Build on a child’s interest
  • Offer a predictable schedule
  • Develop joint attention, communication and social understanding
  • Teach tasks as a series of simple steps
  • Reinforce appropriate behaviors
  • Make use of visual strategies to help understanding
  • Parent education during class time and in support group settings

To schedule a tour of our preschool readiness program, contact our Program Director Lusine Martirosyan at 818-788-4121 ext. 109.

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