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How to Encourage Self-Help Skills

At an early age, many children begin to show independence. For some, starting to exercise independence through self-help skills requires more intentional effort. AtĀ Speech Source Therapy, our occupational therapists work with children to better develop motor skills to encourage their ability to care for themselves including ways to encourage these skills at home.

self-help skills

Ways Parents Can Encourage Self-Help Skills

Meal Time Independence

One of the best ways for children to practice independence at an early age is allowing them to feed themselves. As infants and toddlers, using their hands to feed builds fine motor skills and gives them a sense of self-confidence. The intent of self-feeding continues as children grow through the use of utensils and cups.

Getting Dressed on Their Own

For many children, getting dressed is a way to express who they are as a person. Allowing your child to pick his outfit and put it on himself builds not only self-confidence but also motor skills needed for other independent activities. Even playing dress-up can encourage a child to dress herself for everyday occasions.

Helping Clean Up

Encouraging children to participate in the clean-up process after playing with toys is a fantastic way to promote self-help skills for the future. Children learn early the responsibility to care for their belongings and build fine motor skills by picking up and placing toys in their proper place.

These are only a few ways to encourage self-help skills at home. To learn more about how our occupational therapists can assist your child atĀ Speech Source Therapy, Inc., call SFV: (818) 788-4121 or LA: (213) 493-6698.

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